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Dublin Ohio

Since 1981, our Christian daycare has been devoted to caring for children and their families in Dublin, Ohio. With a strong commitment to nurturing, encouraging, and innovative childcare, we have built a reputation that spans over four decades. As an integral part of the Northwest Church of the Nazarene, we are dedicated to equipping children with the tools they need to thrive both academically and in life.

At our daycare, we embrace a play-based curriculum that revolves around the holistic development of each child. Our experienced staff adheres to a Christian philosophy, passionate about enhancing the child's experience in emotional, social, physical, spiritual, and academic growth. We create a nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and flourish in all aspects of their lives.

As a Christian daycare, we understand the importance of fostering faith and character in children. Through prayers, Bible stories, and age-appropriate discussions, we provide opportunities for children to deepen their understanding of their relationship with God and the world around them. Our goal is to instill values that will guide them throughout their lives.

We invite you to contact us today to enroll or schedule an appointment to visit our facility. Our caring team is excited to meet your family and your child, and we look forward to creating a nurturing and enriching environment where they can thrive.

Family Driven.
Compassionate Care.
Ministry Oriented.

Caring for children and their families since 1981, we have worked hard to build a reputation in Columbus for being a childcare center that is nurturing, encouraging, and innovative. Being an integral part of Northwest Church of the Nazarene, we are invested in providing our children with the tools they need to grow and learn and become people who really thrive—in their education and in life.

With a play-based curriculum that is centered around the entire child, our staff adheres to a Christian philosophy passionate about enhancing each child’s experience by providing opportunities for each to grow emotionally, socially, physically, spiritually and academically. Contact us today to enroll or call us to schedule an appointment to view the facility. We can’t wait to meet your family and your child!

Dublin Ohio

A Note From The Director

I am pleased to be a part of the Northwest Christian Childcare family. Proudly serving Dublin, Ohio, NWCCC is a quality, Christian organization that values educating children and prioritizes their emotional and social growth. I am confident that we will continue to provide a loving atmosphere and an excellent teaching staff to meet your child’s personal needs. Fostering strong relationships between parents and teachers is vital to working collaboratively in your child’s readiness process. It is our prayer that your child will grow and feel the love of Christ while at NWCCC


Anita Walker

Our Christian Child Care Programs Serving Dublin, OH

Northwest Christian Child Care has a variety of programs for your kids!


Welcome to our Christian Child Care Center serving Dublin, Ohio – a nurturing haven where your child's early years are filled with love, laughter, and learning. At of child care center, we believe in providing more than just childcare; we are dedicated to fostering a foundation for your child's holistic development in a Christian-centric environment.

Our child care program serving Dublin, Ohio residents is designed to ignite the curiosity and creativity within each child, offering a unique blend of academic readiness and spiritual growth. With a team of experienced and caring educators, we create a safe and engaging space where your little one can explore, play, and discover.

Key Features of Our Preschool Program:

  1. Christian Values: Infusing our curriculum with Christian principles, we aim to instill a strong moral compass, kindness, and empathy in every child.

  2. Academic Readiness: Our structured yet fun activities are crafted to prepare children for their educational journey ahead, focusing on early literacy, numeracy, and cognitive skills.

  3. Play-Based Learning: We understand the importance of play in a child's development. Our curriculum integrates purposeful play to enhance social, emotional, and physical growth.

  4. Qualified Educators: Our dedicated team of Christian educators brings passion and expertise to the classroom, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning environment.

  5. Safe and Stimulating Environment: Your child's safety is our top priority. Our facilities are secure, and the classrooms are designed to stimulate curiosity and imagination.

Choosing Northwest Christian Child Care means providing your child with more than just daycare – it's an investment in their spiritual, emotional, and academic foundation. Explore the enriching world of our Christian Preschool Program that serves Dublin, Ohio, where every child is cherished, and learning is an adventure.

Toddler Care

At Northwest Christian Childcare Center, where we delight in nurturing toddlers in a Christian Child Care setting in Dublin, Ohio. Our commitment to faith-based care extends to our youngest learners, creating an environment that fosters love, exploration, and growth. Dive into the unique features of our Toddler Care Program:

Guiding Your Toddler's Journey with Northwest Christian:

  1. Foundational Faith: Immerse your toddler in an atmosphere of Christian love and teachings, creating a warm and caring space grounded in faith.

  2. Gentle Guidance: Our dedicated caregivers offer gentle and attentive care, building trust and forming meaningful connections with your little one.

  3. Secure Explorations: Designed with safety as a priority, our facilities provide a secure environment where toddlers can freely explore, encouraging curiosity and discovery.

  4. Sensory and Motor Development: Engage your toddler's senses through purposeful activities that promote sensory exploration and enhance fine and gross motor skills.

  5. Faith-Focused Play: Integrate the joy of play with Christian principles, using playtime as an opportunity to instill values and create a positive foundation for learning.

At Northwest Christian Childcare Center, we recognize the uniqueness of your toddler's developmental stage. Our Toddler Care Program is crafted to provide a faith-infused, secure, and stimulating environment that supports the holistic growth of your child. Discover the joy of early learning with Northwest Christian Childcare Center in Dublin, Ohio, where each toddler is cherished, and every moment is an opportunity for faith-filled exploration.

After School Daycare

When you bring your kids to Northwest Christian Childcare Center, we provide them with trusted destination for Christian After School Daycare services near Dublin, Ohio. At Northwest, we extend our commitment to faith-based care beyond regular hours, providing a safe and nurturing environment for toddlers during their after-school hours. Explore the exceptional features of our Toddler After School Program:

Enriching Your Toddler's Afternoons with Northwest Christian:

  1. Faith-Infused Atmosphere: Immerse your toddler in a Christian environment that nurtures their spiritual growth, fostering a sense of love, kindness, and faith.

  2. Engaging Activities: Our tailored after-school activities are designed to keep toddlers stimulated and engaged, combining play and learning in a way that aligns with Christian principles.

  3. Individualized Attention: Our caring staff provides individualized attention to ensure your toddler feels valued, loved, and supported during their after-school hours.

  4. Secure and Comfortable Space: Your toddler will enjoy a secure and comfortable environment, encouraging exploration, friendships, and a sense of belonging.

  5. Faith-Based Learning: Infuse after-school time with faith-based learning, incorporating Christian values into various activities to create a positive and uplifting experience.

At Northwest Christian Childcare Center, we recognize the importance of extending our faith-based care beyond traditional daycare hours. Our Toddler After School Program is designed to be an enriching and supportive continuation of your toddler's day. Experience the joy of faith-filled afternoons with Northwest Christian Childcare Center near Dublin, Ohio, where each child is embraced, and every moment is an opportunity for growth and connection.

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