“I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks and appreciation for NWCCC, in particular the Ducks’ Room teachers Miss Katie and Miss Andrea. Trusting someone else to care for your child is not an easy task. NWCCC came as a recommendation from another family and we have been blessed to have found a facility with teachers that truly care for our son (and out entire family, for that matter).  When I drop off our son in the morning I can go to work and be confident that he receiving not only great care, but having fun and learning too. We are watching him say new words, sing new songs, and mature every day in large part thanks to the activities put together by the Ducks’ teachers. I appreciate the detailed reports and the open dialogue that we have at the end of each day. My heart is full knowing that he smiles on his way in to school and frowns leaving because he loves it! Being a teacher to a room full of growing toddlers is a tough job and Miss Katie and Miss Andrea do well with smiles and lots of love. Thank you for all that NWCCC and the Ducks do daily for our son and will soon do for Baby No. 2!”

Caitlin and Luke Kapper