Our goal at Northwest Christian Childcare is to facilitate a learning environment that meets children’s developmental needs – where all children feel safe and comfortable and that they belong. As a result, they are helped to become independent and confident learners.

We are a Christian-based childcare center, and we make learning fun. With chapel time, bible stories and music, we are teaching your children lessons that will stay with them throughout their entire lives. In addition to these programs, we are sure to provide the Creative Curriculum in every classroom. We have a curriculum specialist on site, we are able to ensure that we are meeting the guidelines while providing an atmosphere where each child feels welcome, safe and excited about learning.

We understand that this is an important stage of development and learning in your children’s lives. Our four nurseries and each of our classrooms are separated every six months by developmental stages so you know that learning, growing and living is in everything we do, and never stops.

While we teach and care for your children, we believe that your family is a fundamental aspect of your child’s life. In this way, we make a point to create a family atmosphere, doing everything we can to meet each family’s needs on an individual basis whenever possible. With a ministry focus we are always here for our children and their families.